What is Coaching?

A brief Introduction to coaching

“Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits to the client: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness and increased confidence. Those who undertake coaching can also expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work and the attainment of relevant goals.” International Coaching Federation

People come to coaching for many different reasons; they feel stuck and are seeking to make positive changes in their lives; they have important goals to meet.  Every client is unique and brings their own set of circumstances to the coaching relationship.  They may be looking to grow or change their career, develop new skills, be more productive, improve their relationships, address work-life balance issues or improve general well-being and fitness.

Some clients come to coaching with a very clear and specific goal that they wish to work on during the engagement, others have a desire for change but are unable to quite put their finger on what that is or where to begin.  Coaching is a dynamic process, so a tightly held goal may morph and change into something new as the client clarifies what is important to them, explores what motivates them and as they begin to take action and produce results.

Whatever the reason, it is the desire for change and the motivation to take action towards change that brings people to coaching.

What you can expect from Coaching?

Whatever brings you to coaching, the aim will be to maximize your self-learning and realise your potential through a process of discovery and clarification.

In my role as coach, I will challenge you to step beyond self-imposed limits to achieve the results you are seeking.  As your goals become evident and evolve during our session(s), you will develop solutions and strategies that are measurable and realistic. I will hold you responsible and accountable for the commitments that you make towards achieving your goals.

Coaching is not Counselling or Therapy

It is important to understand that coaching is not advice, therapy, or counselling but a co-active conversation, a dialogue where coach and client interact to achieve goals, enhance performance and move you forward to greater success.  The power will be with you to set the agenda, and through our session(s) we will explore your natural creativity and resourcefulness to uncover new ways of thinking and being that will support your goals.