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Empowering Success

Aisling is a passionate Executive, Leadership and Team Performance Coach. Growing people, teams and organisations is her core purpose as a coach.She is deeply committed to helping her clients optimise their performance and achieve their career and business goals. Whether providing one to one coaching or facilitating larger groups in a workshop setting, she brings an energy that is focused on the whole person and designed to ensure her participants achieve lasting success in their chosen field.

Why is Emotional Intelligence Coaching good for business?

  • Are you looking to build a more resilient workforce?
  • Do you want your leaders to deal with conflict better?
  • Do you want your leadership to connect with their employees better?
  • Would you like your leaders to be stronger communicators?
  • Do you want to accelerate the growth of your high potential staff?

EQi 2.0 /EQi 360 Emotional Intelligence assessment can get you there. 

High Emotional Intelligence is a strong predictor of success in business and life.  EQi 2.0 will provide your team members with a rich source of data to inform their future development.  It enables participants to achieve success through improved self awareness.  It provides critical insight into potential blind spots and derailers while reinforcing opportunities to build and reinforce strengths.

Coaching & Workshop packages can be tailored to meet your individual or organisational needs

Here are some examples of the types of workshops that can be tailored for your specific needs:

  • Building an Emotional Intelligence Edge.
  • Implementing a structured Mentoring & Coaching Culture in your organisation
  • Fostering a Growth Mindset for personal success.
  • Managing your goals to maximise your potential.
  • Impostor Phenomenon – What is it?  Who does it impact?  Is it reversible?
  • “Being Brilliant Every Day” – How improving your self awareness can impact your performance.
  • Making It Happen – Creating your personal development plan.

Colette Cummins

Head of Internal Audit at HPE International Bank

“Aisling’s persistent encouragement and coaching ability has not just resulted in my promotion but evoked a significant personal mindset change in how I approach my role and develop my career.” 

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