Leadership Development Workshops

As an experienced Trainer and Consultant in the Information Technology Sector, Aisling spent many years working with clients to develop and deliver tailored training content. Since qualifying as an Executive Coach and , she has pivoted those skills towards content focused on Personal Effectiveness and Leadership Development.

Aisling loves the unique energy and synergy that comes from working with groups.  With her background working in a global corporate environment, she is also adept at delivering content and engaging groups remotely – by video or audio link.

Bespoke content can be tailored to individual client needs, but here are some examples of recent workshops that she has created and delivered.

  • Building an Emotional Intelligence Edge.
  • Implementing a structured Mentoring & Coaching Culture in your organisation
  • Fostering a Growth Mindset for personal success.
  • Managing your goals to maximise your potential.
  • Impostor Phenomenon – What is it?  Who does it impact?  Is it reversible?
  • “Being Brilliant Every Day” – How improving your self awareness can impact your performance.
  • Making It Happen – Creating your personal development plan.
Understanding Impostorism




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